Clienteling App

Elevating the customer experience with a cutting edge Clienteling App

By harmonizing the digital and in-store experience, KIT drives sales, nurtures customer loyalty and enhances the brand.

Through a seamless user experience and integration with back-end systems KIT provides the store associate with a unified view of customer interactions, purchasing history, product and stock availability.

Ground-breaking in-store technology

  • Clienteling functionality
  • Assisted Selling
  • 360° customer view & communications
  • 365 days a year customer engagement
  • Work & Task Management
  • Performance Metrics & Gamification
KIT Apple tech talk

KIT's Head of Innovation discussing the SAP Cloud Platform SDK & Apple's iOS

Clienteling App

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Clienteling App Solutions

The suite of retail applications enables the store associate to seamlessly transition from the online to the in-store retail experience.

A digital sales tool for retail, designed with retailers for retailers

The role of the store associate is wide-ranging in modern retail – from being a brand advocate, to a best friend, to a technical expert, to a junior brand representative and everything in between. In deploying KIT, the store associate is provided a platform to support customer requirements and is made integral to the customer journey, enabling retailers to get the very best of their staff, driving sales and enhancing the brand.

Whether online or in-store KIT provides an omni-channel experience for the customer and provides store associates instant access to customer needs, preferences and purchasing history. By centralising this 360° customer view, store associates can view wish lists, in-process shopping carts, social media profiles and communication history for each and every customer.

KIT is specifically designed to give store associates all of the information, tools, guidance, and support they need, no matter what the maturity of a retailer’s underlying systems. Fully scalable, the solution is suitable for the smallest boutique to the largest retail brands.