A product built by retail experts for retail

KIT Clienteling uses the full suite of KIT functionality enabling the Store Associate to create a deep engagement with customers, nurturing customer loyalty and driving sales.

24/7 Retail

Making your customers accessible to your business and Store Associates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Know your customer

Providing your Store Associates with a 360° real-time view of a customer’s purchasing history, interactions, notes and appointments.

Customer comms

Providing the Store Associate with the ability to talk with customers through their preferred method of communication, whether that be social media, email or the old fashioned telephone!

Seamless user experience

Designed in collaboration with Apple to provide the very best in user experience for both Store Associate and Customer.

Endless aisle shopping

Making the entire product range accessible, opening up cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.

Driving sales

Store Associates use KIT to keep customers up to date with new product information, product lines, improve and enhance customer relationships.








Endless aisle experience with the ability to search for products and see stock levels across stores and online:

  • Endless aisle experience
  • Barcode scanning
  • Stock look-up
  • Rich media product page
  • Availability at nearby stores or online
  • Product image recognition


KIT Clients supports your Store Associate in managing customers by providing a 360°, real-time view of online basket, previous purchases, interactions, notes, appointments and self-service tickets:

  • Access a 360° view of the customer on the shop floor
  • View all customer interactions (online basket, purchases, tasks, appointments, communication)
  • Create and update customer profiles
  • Carry out a customer search
  • Access VIP customer information
  • Provides a customer facing mode


Allow Store Associates to create inbound and outbound comms with customers across SMS, email, social and telephone channels:

  • Contact customers using multiple channels
  • VOIP, SMS, email and WeChat integration
  • Marketing consent management
  • Communication templates
Comms - Email template


Handle returns, repairs and modifications with our on-board aftersales tracking and monitoring:

  • Handle customer queries, returns, complaints all via the app
  • Create new service requests
  • Automatically generate email and text message correspondence
  • Replaces manual, paper-based processes


Provides an instantly accessible, user friendly overview of all sales activity including Store Associate KPI’s, upcoming appointments, meetings and calls:

  • Help Store Associates to manage their daily activities
  • Manage tasks, appointments and aftersales cases
  • Quick access to KPIs and performance metrics
  • Record completed activities
  • View tasks and appointments for the entire team and re-assign between team members
Dashboard - Sales


KIT centralises and consolidates store operations. Internal and external communications, real-time notifications and status updates are all instantly accessible. This feature is guaranteed to cultivate the collaboration of your sales teams and at the same time integrates back-of-house with the shop floor:

  • Keep your Store Associates informed of in-store activities
  • Provide an up to date knowledge base
  • Make announcements
  • Provide store information
  • Support sales team communications
  • Provide training


A digital basket means the Store Associate can provide a seamless shopping experience, driving sales and enhancing your brand:

  • Create customer baskets
  • Quick add to basket
  • PayPal checkout
  • POS checkout
  • Custom payment integrations


A tool which allows the sharing of rich media with and between Store Associates and customers:

  • Providing seamless integration with content management systems
  • Enabling the organisations to push content to Store Associates
  • Providing updates on company activities, news and links to specific product pages
  • Providing relevant information from the organisation’s website


Group products to show to customers or send to them whilst they are away from the store:

  • Groups products together for the benefit of the customer
  • Demonstrates how selected items complement each other
  • Takes product availability and recommendations into account
  • Hugely effective in assisting the Store Associate in driving sales


Provides the ability to switch languages and access useful links:

  • Easy switch between specified languages
  • Automatic configuration based on store location

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