KIT retail experts continually work with retailers to remain at the forefront of Clienteling and Assisted Selling
Human Resources

Seamless integration with your existing HR system

Customer Facing Facility

Providing customers with catalogue access and direct communication channels with Store Associates 

Intelligent Actions

The latest technology creating automatic prompts for Store Associates based on current activity

Inside iPhone6
Stock Checker

Enabling streamlining of stock check processes

Event Management

Enables detailed sharing of information and invitations to upcoming customer and employee events

Machine Learning

Maximising state-of-the art technology for the very best in Clienteling and Assisted Selling

KIT connects all key elements of your store

We can turn your furniture into a connected digital experience
Digital furniture
iBeacon Technology

Out of the box, KIT supports iBeacon technology. When the customer enters the store, with a Passbook appointment or voucher, they are identified within the app – the Store Associate is alerted and then in a position to serve the customer immediately. Active notifications in the app provide an overview of all customers in store and identify the potential for sales.

Broadcast Technology

KIT provides the technology to connect to other in-store devices. When the customer and Store Associate are in discussion, the Store Associate can push hi-resolution product images to screens around the store and develop the conversation increasing the likelihood of sale.

Image Recognition

With built-in advanced image recognition, KIT enables the Store Associate to identify products and its in-store availability from an image on a cell phone or even a magazine cover. The customer can snap a photo, share it with the Store Associate and KIT’s image recognition software will extract all necessary details including stock, size and colour availability without the Store Associate ever leaving the customer’s side.

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